The Shinjinbukan Foundation has several Advisory Boards who provide their expertise in several areas related to our Mission.  These advisors are volunteers and ARE NOT Officers of the Shinjinbukan Foundation.

Shinjinbukan Karate Dō Advisory Board

Senior members of the Shinjinbukan International Association and other experts in the field of traditional Okinawa Karate Dō: 
Mr. Shunichi Arakaki, Secretary, Shinjinbukan Honbu Dōjō  

Japanese Culture and Language Advisory Board

Experts in Japanese language and culture:

The Shinjinbukan Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation registered in the State of New York.
The Shinjinbukan New York Branch does not discriminate students because of race, religion, gender, national origin,
sexual orientation, age, disability or marital status.