Our story

In 1988, Onaga Yoshimitsu Kaichō founded the Shinjinbukan School to preserve Ti (手) – the ancient Okinawan martial art, which preceded modern Karate. The Okinawan cultural heritage is also known as the Ryūkyū culture. Therefore, Onaga Kaichō's teachings are part of a living tradition.

Since 1991, Mr. Jimmy Mora has been a direct deshi (disciple) of Onaga Kaichō and has constantly traveled to Okinawa to continue his training. In 1996, Mr. Mora started teaching the Shinjinbukan Karate in the New York City metropolitan area through several volunteer programs.

In 2007, Mr. Jimmy Mora incorporated the Shinjinbukan Foundation as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation registered in New York State. The Shinjinbukan Foundation offers affordable classes in traditional Okinawan Karate, as a service to the community.

Our martial arts training provides a unique cultural experience for serious practitioners, such as Gasshuku (training camps) hosted in New York City, and other locations, including Okinawa, Japan.



Karate Dō wa Ryūkyū koyū no budō bunka de aru.
Karate Dō is the martial arts tradition of the Ryūkyū culture.



Onaga Yoshimitsu Kaichō


Shinjinbukan.org は、神人武館財団により無料で提供されております。このサイトの立場は、私個人では翁長良光会長のご指導について表現するものと理解しております。したがって、会長に代わって何かを主張するものではありません。もうひとつ、弟子の一人として是非付け加えたいですが、会長の人生や口述での伝統について掲載したいと望んでおります。ジミー・モラ。

Shinjinbukan.org is a free resource sponsored by the Shinjinbukan Foundation. The statements on this site represent my own personal understanding of Onaga Yoshimitsu Kaichō's teachings. Therefore, I do not claim to speak on his behalf. As one more of his students, I am eager to share his living and oral traditions. Jimmy Mora.